Wholesaler of threads and wool for sewing.

More than 25 years of experience in the sector.

Ofil 2015 SLis a well known brand of knitting yarns located in Terrassa (Barcelona) and dedicated to the wholesale of its products Ofil 2015 SL has a long history in the sector as it is the successor of Ofil Filats and Alcotex Scp, two companies dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of knitting yarns. Thanks to this background, Ofil2015 is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.
Recently in January 2017 Ofil 2015 S.L. also assumes the representation of the Italian firm TROPICAL LANE S.p.A. This company, with more than 40 years in the sector, substantially enriches the range and variety of products offered by Ofil 2015 SL
Stock Service
Ofil 2015 SL bases its commercial strategy, like its predecessors, on offering an extensive and innovative range of products in STOK SERVICE, thus ensuring excellent customer service, which makes it one of the most competitive companies in the national market.

Online Catalog

We are constantly working on our product catalog.

Our products

Classic Yarns
Currently Ofil 2015 SLin the collection of classic products for winter, our customers will find more than 60 types of yarns with different thicknesses and compositions. 100% wool yarn and its corresponding blends, angora, mohair, alpaca yarn, up to the most basic items in 100% acrylic. The collection of summer products is wide and varied, perfectly covering the needs of our customers. 100% mercerized and non-mercerized cotton yarn, viscose bamboo blend yarn, acrylic bamboo, acrylic cotton and 100% acrylic pearls and multistrands. The range of colors is extensive, updated and appropriate to each type of product depending on its possibilities Applications. These are yarns that are easy to work with and that do not present, in the garment, washing or subsequent maintenance problems. .
fancy yarn
Ofil 2015 SL, is aware of the importance that innovating and presenting new products each season represents for the possible sales of our clients. For this, and respecting the winter-summer seasons, we offer an important range of fantasy yarns, always respecting the product-price binomial. Fantasies are one of the strong points of any collection of yarns for needlework, the product development department of Ofil 2015 SL, works to make your fantasies become protagonists of the garment itself due to its high attractiveness and personality. Most of them can be knitted in plain stitches, they allow a quick realization and the result is always very spectacular.